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Comments from Attendees of 2018 continuing education courses

Bozeman/Sheridan April 2018: "Those were about the best 3 classes I've ever taken! Seriously fantastic!" "I have completed the Zane Sullivan 16 hour marathon and survived!!!!!!!!!! Actually if he taught all classes it would be a benefit for members." "It was well worthwhile driving from Belgrade to Sheridan and back for your class. I find it most educational the way you encourage exchange among us attendees. "

Agents: Have a question?

 Have you ever encountered a unique situation and wanted to run it by someone to get their input? The Montana Association of Realtors hotline is a great program, but occasionally you need assistance or information that takes more time that the hotline program is designed for. You may have available the services of a local attorney, but your question is unique to the MAR forms or real estate licensing law.  With many years of experience in real estate and representing Realtors, Realtor Boards and Associations Zane can quickly answer your questions. A consultation may save you time and effort. Give Zane a call at 406.544.7900 or send him an email at

Brokers and Brokerage Companies - consultation & representation

I have worked with real estate Brokers and Brokerage Companies in the State of Montana for many years. Your business is unique and there are not a lot attorneys in the State that have experience with the issues Brokers and Brokerage Companies face. While the services of the Montana Association of Realtors Hotline is a powerful and great resource it is limited as to the amount of assistance it can provide. Frequently Brokers need additional assistance; be that an in depth consultation or representation. Avoiding lawsuits is a goal we all strive to achieve and having input from a qualified professional before the matter gets ugly is a great risk reduction tool. However, as we all know, it is not always possible to anticipate issues before they become problems. So if a matter has taken a turn for the worse it is usually better to seek advise as soon as possible rather than hoping the matter will get better on its own. I represent and work with many real estate brokerage office whether it is an office of one of 40. Let me know if I can be of assistance to you with office agreements, office procedures, Professional Standards matters, licensing complaints or issues, and the how to's of real estate practice. 406.544.7900 or

Sharon Wilson Award

Zane Sullivan, Missoula attorney, has recently received recognition by the members of the Montana Association of Realtors as the 2016 recipient of the Sharon Wilson Meritorious Service Award . This award is presented to an individual in recognition of dedication and service to the members of the Association. Mr. Sullivan has a long history of providing education programs emphasizing real estate law to the members of the Association.