Zane Sullivan Seminars

Available Courses

Legal Forum

The most popular program in the series.  This seminar is in question and answer format providing the maximum in interaction between the audience and the instructor. The perfect opportunity for the licensee to discuss in an open forum their problem real estate issues. The sharing of real life experiences and hearing practical solutions to problems experienced by other practitioners provides exposure to a broad range of situations and circumstances.

Topics frequently discussed include easements, title issues, risk reduction, Megan's Law, stigmatized properties, and landlord-tenant issues. This program is available in 1, 2, or 4 hour segments.


Forms are wonderful, but do you know and understand the purpose, function and effect of its provisions? Available in  2 or 4 hour segments, this course provides detailed instruction on the function and purpose of each element of the contracts used in real estate transactions. Real life examples of Montana court cases and illustrations of what not to do provide valuable learning tools to avoid problems. These modules have been approved for continuing education credit for Montana real estate licensees.

Agency: From a Practitioner's Perspective

Montana law on agency relationships is very unique to this state.  Real estate licensees need to understand the various forms of representation and non-agency relationships.  This course provides detailed instruction on the legal duties of licensees involved in single agency and dual agency relationships.  The course also discusses the practice of in-house designation and national trends for dual agency.  Particular emphasis is given to avoiding conflicts of interest situations and handling confidential information.  2 hour or 4 hours of continuing education credit.

 Advanced Title Insurance

 Real Estate licensees need to understand what the preliminary title insurance commitment is telling them about the property and the transaction. Seeing the "red flags" and knowing what they mean can be important to completing the parties transaction. Licensees frequently only see the preliminary title commitment and do not have an opportunity to learn how that document relates to the title policy issued after the transaction has closed. In depth discussion of problems that licensees frequently encounter and how to handle them. This course provides information beyond what you learned in the BRR Rookie Sales Course. Available for continuing education credit as a  2 hour program.

Broker Management for Supervising Brokers (Endorsement update)

Are you covering all the details necessary to successfully manage your company?  Are your associates independent contractors or employees?  Why does it matter?  What entity is best for your type of brokerage?   Internal office agreements, employee policies, wrongful discharge and agency are thoroughly covered.  The course materials will be a valuable checklist to assist you in the management of your business.  This course qualifies for four (4) hours of mandatory education topic in Montana and satisfies the new broker supervision education requirement for supervising brokers.  Continuing education credit will only be given to those licensees who hold a supervising broker endorsement.

State Law, Rules and Regulations

This course reviews and discussed the existing rules and licensings laws of the State of Montana for Real Estate Licensees. The Board of Realty Regulation is currently working on changes to the existing regulations (administrative rules). This is an excellent opportunity for the real estate licensee to review the statutory and regulatory changes affecting their profession. Learn about the new changes and the reasons behind the changes from an instructor who was there when the rule changes were proposed.  This course provides continuing education credit for Montana real estate licensees in either 2 or 4 hour segments.

The Real Estate Licensee as a Professional (Professional Standards/Ethics)

A requirement for REALTORS®, this course reviews in detail all seventeen articles of the National Association of Realtors® Code of Ethics. Examples of real life situations are used to illustrate the standards of practice and case interpretations. New for 2017 - emphasis is given to comparing and contrasting the licensing statutes and regulations for real estate licensees with the provisions of the Code of Ethics. Many of the requirements are similar but some are very different. Licensees learn how to work within state law and also comply with the Code of Ethics.

This course qualifies for continuing education credit for Montana real estate licensees. Available as a 4 hour module. The 4 hour program satisfies the National Association of Realtors training requirement for all Realtor members and the training requirements for participation as a member of a professional standards committee.

Code of Ethics & Hearing Procedures

This course is an alternative course to the Real Estate Agent as a Professional course. Both course meeting the continuing education requirements for the National Association of Realtors Professional Standards. This course, in addition to a review and update of the Code and Arbitration provisions, adds a segment on hearing procedures and the process for filing a complaint or request for Arbitration, how panel members are selected the rights of the parties to disqualify potential panel members, the requirements to serve on a panel, the decision process, does and don't of writing an decision, how an appeal is handled and many important points for insuring due process.


An essential for the new practitioner or licensee who would like to insure that they are up to date on recent changes and the theory behind the language of commonly used forms in the industry. The 2-hour segment is a great refresher. The 4-hour program is also available as a workshop. In the revised and updated workshop, the licensee will complete current forms based on real life transactions.

Rookie Training for Sales Licensees

 This course is a required course for all new sales licensees in the State of Montana. It is designed to provide practical information to new licensees to assist them with the basics of real estate practice. The course covers title insurance, financing, forms, agency and many other helpful topics.

Initial Training For Supervising Broker Candidates

 This course is required by the Montana Board of Realty Regulation for Brokers who wish to obtain the supervising broker endorsement. The course is taught by Zane Sullivan and Robyn Erlenbush and provides 8 hours of training on the elements of real estate practice essential for supervising brokers. The course content includes forms, office procedures, listing procedures, buy sells, agency and how to teach the principles of real estate practice to sales licensees.

Short Sales, Foreclosures & Seller Financing

This totally new course provides critical information to real estate licensees on how to deal with the difficult and complex transactions that are occurring in today's changing real estate market. Licensees are more frequently encountering properties whose owners owe more than the property is worth. This course discusses the challenges and offers practical suggestions for listing and selling these properties.

The course provides detailed information on the foreclosure processes a licensee may encounter when dealing with Montana properties and valuable information on the do's and don'ts of seller financing - contracts for deed, trust indentures and mortgages. 2 or 4 hours of continuing education credit for all Montana real estate licensees.